Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Retro? 80s?

   A lot of looks involving retro elements became popular quite a while ago however I was not particularly tempted to write about such looks until I discovered I am in love with this amazing style as well. Worn denim jackets, high-waisted shorts and jeans, awesome shoes and so much more - what can be better.
   Personally I think that this style would suit each and everyone of us, no matter what your gender is. Even the age is not as important in this case as long as you style everything correctly.
  It has been noted a lot of popular movie stars have been either dressing in this style or have included the some of the retro elements into their looks.
The two pictures above are slips of two gorgeous females - Blake Lively and Leighton Meester.
This two looks are fully retro which makes these two amazing ladies look like the beauties of the 80s when this style energetically entered the fashion industry and remained quite popular since then.
As you can see, the two looks are slightly different as they are for different occasions.
The fist look appears to be more casual compared to the second one which makes it suitable for most of the occasions, from parties and meeting with your friends to theater visits. The colors within the look are also harmonic making the look appear as an eye catchy yet a casual one.
The way in which Blake Lively is dressed is slightly different. This one appears to be more classy and it'd be absolutely perfect for important meeting, however that doesn't mean you can't wear something like that to a dinner or to a theater. Also, this look is much more suitable for spring, autumn as well as winter because the coat creates the feeling of comfort and warmth and so does the top. 

This is a photo of Leighton Meester in a bright dress. As you can tell from the picture all the colors are quite bright yet the go together quite well and make this amazing woman look gorgeous by making the facial features as well as her waist stand out.
I think that such outfit would be perfect to wear to a party or to a theater, also if you are celebrating your birthday this would be something nice to wear as it can make you look cute.
Retro clothes aren't always elegant, you can always pop something grungy in.
The picture above is a photograph of beautiful Sonya Esman wearing an absolutely amazing dark retro jacket which is was designed to look colorful thanks to all the pictures around it.
This particular jacket can be styled with a number of items; from boyfriend jeans to cute pencil skirts.

           Speaking of accessories which would go with this style, I think choker necklaces are perfect as they can make an outfit look somewhat edgy yet feminine so definitely try one on. Also, choker necklaces came back into the fashion industry not that long ago thus if you want to look trendy purchase one of those.
     However there are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to wear this type of necklace.
Firstly, analyse your outfit, think about all the details and then decide whether it's classy or grungy or chique.
If you've decided to go for a more classy outfit, I say you should consider wearing something different when it comes to accessories as I highly doubt the fact that a choker necklace will go with something like that.
     Nevertheless, do not forget to use your imagination and I am sure you will find the perfect look for yourself.