Friday, 30 January 2015

Happy Mood Porridge

 Happy Mood Porridge.

  The moment some people hear the word porridge they think "ewwww, that's not too nice" whereas you can actually make your porridge taste so delicious that even you won't believe porridge can taste that good.
Well, first of all you need to grab some oats and pop them into a bowl.
Then, you would want to pour some milk( I normally use soy milk as I cannot consume normal milk and I can't stand the smell or taste of it).
You then need to place that magic bowl into the microwave and heat the mixture up for 3 minutes.
As you take it out and stir it with a spoon and add some cinnamon *unless you really dislike it*, honey and a handful of raisins. As you add everything into the bowl surely mix it all up.
 Afterwards grab a plate and place the mixture you have made on it, make it look nice as it will certainly benefit your mood and then top it off with some dried apricots and prunes as well as some nuts if you want to do so.
  As you have prepared your porridge chop up your favorite fruit; a banana, kiwis, oranges, tangerines,pineapple, strawberries ,etc. Place all of the fruit around the porridge.
  If you want to take it a step further spread some yogurt over the dried fruit on the porridge and top this amazing dish wish some berries of your choice.

Make yourself a delicious drink and enjoy your healthy, delicious breakfast.

Being confident

Hello there,
I know quite a few people, particularly girls, in the outer world feel very shy and awkward around their classmates, especially guys but there is a way to bring this awkwardness to an end. Carry on reading and aspire to become a confident individual as confidence is key.

     As for the start, there is a need to realise that by being shy and the "last one to speak up" you'll not get too far and you probably don't want that because hey, when and how will people uncover your terrific personality if you stay in the corner by yourself ? Before staying out of a conversation and acting shy think about all of those horrible consequences.  You don't want to face the nightmare of being a ghost.

     After you have secured the previous thought in your mind think about the things and possibly people who don't allow you to be confident. If you're insecure about your looks throw some make up on and there is no need to purchase anything super expensive: simply buy good skincare products and maybe a concealer together with a mascara , a blush, a brow brush and a lip gloss of a cute shade. If you don't like your body ...Stop it....Confident individuals love themselves and you need to learn how to as well. On the other hand try to work out a couple of days a week and cut down on all that chocolate because you might find it tasty now but 15 years later you're quite likely to regret it. If a person makes you feel insecure and constantly oppresses you get rid of them because you don't want to keep a negativity provoker in your life. In a nutshell: LOVE YOURSELF AND PEOPLE WILL START LOVING YOU.

    Last but not least, speak up! There is no need to hide from the world even if everyone thinks you're super weird, in fact it's good to be strange because your unique personality is what defines you regardless of what others think. Of course there is no need to be rude to anybody and too self confident but why feel awkward about your personality if it's amazing?

Guys, if you want to start being confident you need to believe in yourself as if you won't do so no one else will. Also, always remember this amazing quote - "Fake it until you make it".

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ideas impacting minds and lives.

    It is indeed incredible how a poem, an individual or even an event can alter one's thinking process, the way an individual views the world and other human beings. It's quite surprising that a poem or a piece of writing can have a tremendous impact on the way in which an individual thinks and can in fact alter one's beliefs and behavior.
   Contemporary writers and artists hide very interesting and thought-provoking messages within their pieces of work which we often find quite difficult to pick up as we choose not to dig deeper to discover the true meaning of a piece which could in fact change lives. As we then decide to take another glance at a creative piece, simply out of interest ( maybe a quote or a color has been remembered by one's brain), we unpick the seriousness and the irony which we didn't manage to see previously. Messages of these highly peculiar and spectacular master- pieces way; one can convey a message of trying to live a color-bursting and interesting life, whereas another piece can enable us to analyse what our world is actually like forcing many individuals to take their pink glasses off and face the reality regardless of how bad it is in the eyes of some people.
    One of the poets who have made me look back at my life and my actions is Simon Armitage - an individual who touches on the ironic reality of our incredible and fast developing world. His work is intellectually arranged and the main message isn't very obvious within most of his poems but the deeper meaning reveals the truth about how we view and treat some people and how one can easily turn into a disturbed individual due to all the pressure exerted on them.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

It's a New Year, it's a New Life.

2014 said "Good bye" and approached the door, leaving us to live our wonderful lives with 2015. Taking a minute to reflect on the past year all I have to say is that it has been a year of lesson learning and experimenting; many of us, including myself, have probably been caught making mistakes and trying to cope with the consequences the seriousness of which varied. Some were easy to resolve, others took a little longer but regardless a lot has been taught to many of us and I am sure we have all learnt quite an enormous quantity of lessons. The impact of this however was even greater - all of us managed to change, hopefully for the better. We have grown and developed, not necessarily physically but mentally. We have accessed the next level of development and now have to carry on doing what we have been to make the most out of our precious lives.

I hope 2015 will be an amazingly bright colored year for every single one of you out there. Everyone will hopefully become successful and motivated to progress as an individual, as someone independent and happy.

I wish all of you guys all the best and I hope 2015 brings only positive memories in it's suitcase to your already crazy, incredibly lives.