Friday, 31 January 2014

A little bit of colour .....

Hey everyone,
I had a couple of outfit ideas which involve a splash of colour so I decided to share them with you.
This is a photo of the outfit I have found the other day, and personally I think that it's perfect for any occasion and weather . As can be seen , the outfit is very simple however it will definitely add colour to your life.
This outfit was created using jeans, a light turquoise T-shirt( this can be replaced with a long sleeve shirt if you prefer to wear something long sleeved or a shirt of a very light colour. This particular item can also be replaced with a denim shirt as it will match the jeans and go well with this particular outfit.), a cream cardigan  with bright , wide green stripes, a small shoulder purse in the colour white , a pair of VANS trainers which are in cream colour  as well as a couple of bracelets most of which are brown  in order to highlight your wrist.
This look was created using very natural colours such as blue, white, cream ,light turquoise as well as brown and light green. Despite the fact that all of these colours might not seem very appealing  the look itself is very interesting  as the T-shirt , the jeans and  the cardigan are designed in a way so that they seem eye catchy. The use of white colours will also make those three elements to stand out.

      This is more of a chick look which might not suit every occasion however I though it looks very nice therefore it might give some of you inspiration .
This look involves a hat which is in a shade which is a mix of pink and purple , a deep red skirt, a jacket with a pattern on it , ankle military as well as gloves both in the colour black, as well as a pack with a chess board pattern and of course tights .
The colours involved in this look go very well together as the red brings colour to the look however the colours such as white and black make sure that the outfit looks more chick than extreme.

 Hopefully this gave you guys a little bit of inspiration on how to create calm and chick outfits involving colours which you probably have not tried out as yet.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How to look pretty and smart at the same time?

A lot of teenage girls at the moment are puzzled about how they could look pretty and smart at the same time.
This is very important since no one wants to look like a nerd but neither any of you want to look like a barbie doll.
There are various ways to create and maintain that kind of look.
To begin with make sure that you are prepared for school and your uniform looks neat ( if you do have uniform), however if you don't then don't wear anything too short and too bright. Play around with colours and see what suits you, making sure its not too extreme.
In addition , try to make your make up look very natural, don't wear too much foundation and concealer as it won't do any good . Also if you decide to wear foundation make sure it matches your skin colour, mismatched foundation makes your skin  look strange and unattractive. Speaking of make-up, try to avoid false eye lashes when you're going to school because it will make  your eyelashes look very long and way too appealing which will actually spoil the look. However if you want to make your eyelashes look slightly longer and make them stand out then apply a little bit of mascara which will enhance them , but remember not to apply too much.
Now speaking of hair, do not make your hairstyle look too extreme , just do have a cute and neat hairstyle as it looks very attractive.
Finally, don't be afraid to be yourself and add something unique to your look as this is something which expresses your personality, therefore just be your own person but don't be too extreme.

Welcome to my blog

Hey guys and welcome to The Creative Girl blog,
This blog is not only for girls , as its more about being creative , expressing yourself and being your own person.
In this blog you'll be able to find a number of things such as photography , different tips, fashion, advice on make up, various tutorials and a lot more.