Saturday, 31 October 2015

Balmain x H&M

   The Balmain x H&M collection is said to be "clothing for the next generation". It is a truly impressive collection combining quite a few styles; some of the pieces are very classy yet they have an element of chique to them whereas other would classify as glamorous. The combination of different styles makes the clothing easy to style and some of the pieces would accompany any basic piece possessed by most.

  The campaign itself was found to be quite impressive, featuring Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Olivier Rounsteig. The hi-tech and nearly robotic style of the campaign is symbolic of the term " next generation" which will, according to many, will be dominated by technology. Not only that, but it tend to be that in the future ,when everything will be computerised, an individual will need something unique and rather unusual to stand out and be able to make a statement, which is exactly what the collection is offering us.

How to be happier/more optimistic

    The modern world makes many of, particularly teenagers, feel overwhelmed encouraging quite a few of us to walk down the path of depression. Sometimes you can can walk so far down you end up in a dark place you have no idea how to leave yet it scares you. Do you ever feel like there is nothing to look forward to and all your friends can offer you is misunderstanding and phrases like " why are you so sad ?", "Maybe it's the time to change..." and so on? If yes then carry on reading and you will certainly be helped in one way or another.

  The real question you should be asking is how do I look for the positive things if my day was really bad? How can one be an optimist when it seems pretty much impossible? What is the point of being happy all the time ? Ha, here comes the law of attraction " you receive what visualise", thus if you're constantly negative you will make your life even more negative and fall down the ladder, which is not the greatest thing. So,how can you lighten yourself up and become more positive ?

1. Sit down and think about what bothers you

Sometimes there can be so much happening you aren't even sure what it is that bothers you thus it is incredibly beneficial to consider all of the occurrences to come to a reasonable conclusion. It can, however, be challenging to organise your thoughts and arrive to a logical conclusion so if that's the case for you then take a pen and a piece of paper and outline everything; once you make everything visual it can be much easier to get your life together. I, personally, found it incredibly beneficial to keep a small diary when I was going through an emotionally-tough time in my life, where I recorded all of my thoughts and feelings and I can assure although it does require some time and effort it can help you figure out what it is that you find overwhelming allowing you to then eliminate it.

2. Music

Good music can make you feel better. If you are upset and you listen to sad songs you will certainly feel even worse- the lyrics will remind you of events, people and so on and you will end up over thinking events and individuals making a situation seem even more dramatic than it is. When you are feeling down what you don't want to do is hold on to an event which made your day bad but you should try to move on instead. Listen to something positive or calming( indie music tends to be great for this purpose since it's pretty relaxing).

3. "Do what you love, love what you do" 

When you are feeling unhappy do something which you enjoy - this can vary from drawing to going out for a jog since all of us are diverse and enjoy different things. Take your mind off the things which make you feel sad or stressed and dedicate some of the time to an activity you love. You will most certainly feel better afterwards.

4. Find someone to speak to

When I was going through a very tough time in my life I found this to be the hardest to do as it can frequently be extremely difficult to find an individual to open up to. It is important the the person understands you and attentively listens to you as it can impact you both positively and negatively. Go and speak to someone you trust and hopefully they will advise you on how to act in relation to an issue but if not at least you will let all your negativity out. The worst thing you can do is keep everything to yourself since all of your emotions will collect and one day the little ball of negativity can "burst" and you might even lose self control.

5. "Fake it till you make it"

I remember scrolling down tumblr and then I was exposed to this quote. Even if you are not sure what is currently happening in your life and all you're feeling is negativity try to smile. Yes, horrible things happen to all of us but it's important to smile through the toughest times in your life and keep going, The term "forced smile" might sound negative and many would classify that as "being fake" but for some of us that is the only way to escape all of the problems we are exposed to.

Happiness is not a constant but is rather a variable dependent on a number of factors. You can feel incredible one day and feel absolutely awful the next day but just remember that you aren't alone. You might not have anyone to talk to the moment you need them but try to overcome the difficulty yourself and you will be thankful and feel stronger. 

In case any of you guys are having any problems I would only be happy to help since I do know what it is like to feel pessimistic and practically depressed. In case you do need someone to speak to feel free to contact me at

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tate Modern

  Tate Modern will captivate you and make you think in a way you have never thought before.
  The Gallery itself is incredibly peculiar as it reminds you of a power station , yet it holds some of the most incredible creations from the sector of modern art. The variety and oddness fascinates you to a point you want to stand in one place and wonder what the artist wanted to portray , however there are times when all you want to do is enjoy the "color burst" and the emotion thriving from a particular painting.

This is the painting about which I initially wondered and actually managed to picture a bee's facial features but alter a while I decided it'd be better to admire the colours used by the artist to splash out their emotions on the canvas.

This painting is particularly strange as it emphasises on the dark colours but it's quite interesting once you pause and pay attention to what is being shown.

This piece of art is incredibly strange as you're exposed to something unknown and quite cartoon like ( that is what I managed to see), although when you pay attention to it for a little longer it becomes very clear this piece of art could have a double meaning, like the other pieces.

                        Russian Revolutionary Posters

When I entered this part of the gallery I was amused because I have always wanted to see what the propaganda posters looked like when the USSR existed. It was in fact quite incredible to see how these posters were adjusted to present different view during different time periods - World War 2 and the Russian Revolution, for example.

                     A splash of color/ Personal favorites:

When I found these two pieces of art in the gallery I said to myself " If I was an adult I would purchase replicas of them and have them at home" purely because for no particular reason this artwork caught my attention. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Degree Show, London

  Today I attended the Degree Show in London, organised by Ravensbourne and all I have to say is I feel inspired. The inspiration, however didn't arrive only from the creative artistic pieces I have never seen before, but from the energetic individuals who were willing to share their interesting ideas and  the process as to how they completed their work. The positivism and the drive to work was incredible : these guys really love what they do and I suppose that is one of the best things in life - doing something you love at the same time as profiting from it.


Friday, 12 June 2015

Returning : a fresh start?

   I thought I should write a post to tell you guys what has been going on and what will happen now. 
   First of all, it's finally summer and I'm free after taking quite a lot of exams and being busy with my daily life . The past 6 months have been quite intense for me and I didn't manage to write very often ( which I do apologise for) but now I am back and there is a lot I want to share with you guys. 
   As summer is finally here and I do have time to create amazing posts to inspire you guys I will try to post as frequently as I can and make the posts as interesting as possible. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

How to style denim jackets?

Denim jackets have been a huge trend throughout 2014 and they are still very popular. Retro fashion is returning together with retro jackets and I am sure many of you have noticed the increasing number of tumblr pictures of people in denim jackets. Although their popularity nowadays is increasing many people question how you would style one and what would look well with it. If you want to find out how to deal with this fascinating piece of cloth carry on reading.

It appears as if denim jackets go really well with black details- bags and shoes in particular - therefore if you want to wear a light outfit then consider bring a dark bag with you and maybe put on a pair of dark shoes as they will both make your denim jacket stand out and they will definitely make your outfit look more interesting even if it's really simple.
The outfit of the model in the picture seems very casual and feminine while the denim jacket adds some grunge to it. The bag and the shoes certainly make this outfit stand out more. 
It's definitely a great idea to keep your look generally simple but make it looks slightly more festive using a denim a few accessories.
Some people like to call the look above the Peppy look and it has been incredibly popular on platforms like tumblr and instagram. This look is certainly a piece of evidence that denim and black work together very well however as can be seen the skirt consists of both dark and light colors which helps to maintain the simplicity of this look. In this case the denim jacket has been used as a throw on which once again adds some grunge to the look.
Since denim jackets work well with the basic colors why not put on a stripy crop top and a skater skirt? This outfit would be perfect if you own a slightly longer, oversized jacket. This look is perfect for a casual date with your friends as it's very simple, girly yet very defined.

I hope this gave you guys some ideas on how to style denim jackets.
If you have any ideas for the future posts leave a comment below and I will certainly write a post on a topic of your choice. 

Friday, 30 January 2015

Happy Mood Porridge

 Happy Mood Porridge.

  The moment some people hear the word porridge they think "ewwww, that's not too nice" whereas you can actually make your porridge taste so delicious that even you won't believe porridge can taste that good.
Well, first of all you need to grab some oats and pop them into a bowl.
Then, you would want to pour some milk( I normally use soy milk as I cannot consume normal milk and I can't stand the smell or taste of it).
You then need to place that magic bowl into the microwave and heat the mixture up for 3 minutes.
As you take it out and stir it with a spoon and add some cinnamon *unless you really dislike it*, honey and a handful of raisins. As you add everything into the bowl surely mix it all up.
 Afterwards grab a plate and place the mixture you have made on it, make it look nice as it will certainly benefit your mood and then top it off with some dried apricots and prunes as well as some nuts if you want to do so.
  As you have prepared your porridge chop up your favorite fruit; a banana, kiwis, oranges, tangerines,pineapple, strawberries ,etc. Place all of the fruit around the porridge.
  If you want to take it a step further spread some yogurt over the dried fruit on the porridge and top this amazing dish wish some berries of your choice.

Make yourself a delicious drink and enjoy your healthy, delicious breakfast.

Being confident

Hello there,
I know quite a few people, particularly girls, in the outer world feel very shy and awkward around their classmates, especially guys but there is a way to bring this awkwardness to an end. Carry on reading and aspire to become a confident individual as confidence is key.

     As for the start, there is a need to realise that by being shy and the "last one to speak up" you'll not get too far and you probably don't want that because hey, when and how will people uncover your terrific personality if you stay in the corner by yourself ? Before staying out of a conversation and acting shy think about all of those horrible consequences.  You don't want to face the nightmare of being a ghost.

     After you have secured the previous thought in your mind think about the things and possibly people who don't allow you to be confident. If you're insecure about your looks throw some make up on and there is no need to purchase anything super expensive: simply buy good skincare products and maybe a concealer together with a mascara , a blush, a brow brush and a lip gloss of a cute shade. If you don't like your body ...Stop it....Confident individuals love themselves and you need to learn how to as well. On the other hand try to work out a couple of days a week and cut down on all that chocolate because you might find it tasty now but 15 years later you're quite likely to regret it. If a person makes you feel insecure and constantly oppresses you get rid of them because you don't want to keep a negativity provoker in your life. In a nutshell: LOVE YOURSELF AND PEOPLE WILL START LOVING YOU.

    Last but not least, speak up! There is no need to hide from the world even if everyone thinks you're super weird, in fact it's good to be strange because your unique personality is what defines you regardless of what others think. Of course there is no need to be rude to anybody and too self confident but why feel awkward about your personality if it's amazing?

Guys, if you want to start being confident you need to believe in yourself as if you won't do so no one else will. Also, always remember this amazing quote - "Fake it until you make it".

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ideas impacting minds and lives.

    It is indeed incredible how a poem, an individual or even an event can alter one's thinking process, the way an individual views the world and other human beings. It's quite surprising that a poem or a piece of writing can have a tremendous impact on the way in which an individual thinks and can in fact alter one's beliefs and behavior.
   Contemporary writers and artists hide very interesting and thought-provoking messages within their pieces of work which we often find quite difficult to pick up as we choose not to dig deeper to discover the true meaning of a piece which could in fact change lives. As we then decide to take another glance at a creative piece, simply out of interest ( maybe a quote or a color has been remembered by one's brain), we unpick the seriousness and the irony which we didn't manage to see previously. Messages of these highly peculiar and spectacular master- pieces way; one can convey a message of trying to live a color-bursting and interesting life, whereas another piece can enable us to analyse what our world is actually like forcing many individuals to take their pink glasses off and face the reality regardless of how bad it is in the eyes of some people.
    One of the poets who have made me look back at my life and my actions is Simon Armitage - an individual who touches on the ironic reality of our incredible and fast developing world. His work is intellectually arranged and the main message isn't very obvious within most of his poems but the deeper meaning reveals the truth about how we view and treat some people and how one can easily turn into a disturbed individual due to all the pressure exerted on them.