Sunday, 1 February 2015

How to style denim jackets?

Denim jackets have been a huge trend throughout 2014 and they are still very popular. Retro fashion is returning together with retro jackets and I am sure many of you have noticed the increasing number of tumblr pictures of people in denim jackets. Although their popularity nowadays is increasing many people question how you would style one and what would look well with it. If you want to find out how to deal with this fascinating piece of cloth carry on reading.

It appears as if denim jackets go really well with black details- bags and shoes in particular - therefore if you want to wear a light outfit then consider bring a dark bag with you and maybe put on a pair of dark shoes as they will both make your denim jacket stand out and they will definitely make your outfit look more interesting even if it's really simple.
The outfit of the model in the picture seems very casual and feminine while the denim jacket adds some grunge to it. The bag and the shoes certainly make this outfit stand out more. 
It's definitely a great idea to keep your look generally simple but make it looks slightly more festive using a denim a few accessories.
Some people like to call the look above the Peppy look and it has been incredibly popular on platforms like tumblr and instagram. This look is certainly a piece of evidence that denim and black work together very well however as can be seen the skirt consists of both dark and light colors which helps to maintain the simplicity of this look. In this case the denim jacket has been used as a throw on which once again adds some grunge to the look.
Since denim jackets work well with the basic colors why not put on a stripy crop top and a skater skirt? This outfit would be perfect if you own a slightly longer, oversized jacket. This look is perfect for a casual date with your friends as it's very simple, girly yet very defined.

I hope this gave you guys some ideas on how to style denim jackets.
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