Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Retro? 80s?

   A lot of looks involving retro elements became popular quite a while ago however I was not particularly tempted to write about such looks until I discovered I am in love with this amazing style as well. Worn denim jackets, high-waisted shorts and jeans, awesome shoes and so much more - what can be better.
   Personally I think that this style would suit each and everyone of us, no matter what your gender is. Even the age is not as important in this case as long as you style everything correctly.
  It has been noted a lot of popular movie stars have been either dressing in this style or have included the some of the retro elements into their looks.
The two pictures above are slips of two gorgeous females - Blake Lively and Leighton Meester.
This two looks are fully retro which makes these two amazing ladies look like the beauties of the 80s when this style energetically entered the fashion industry and remained quite popular since then.
As you can see, the two looks are slightly different as they are for different occasions.
The fist look appears to be more casual compared to the second one which makes it suitable for most of the occasions, from parties and meeting with your friends to theater visits. The colors within the look are also harmonic making the look appear as an eye catchy yet a casual one.
The way in which Blake Lively is dressed is slightly different. This one appears to be more classy and it'd be absolutely perfect for important meeting, however that doesn't mean you can't wear something like that to a dinner or to a theater. Also, this look is much more suitable for spring, autumn as well as winter because the coat creates the feeling of comfort and warmth and so does the top. 

This is a photo of Leighton Meester in a bright dress. As you can tell from the picture all the colors are quite bright yet the go together quite well and make this amazing woman look gorgeous by making the facial features as well as her waist stand out.
I think that such outfit would be perfect to wear to a party or to a theater, also if you are celebrating your birthday this would be something nice to wear as it can make you look cute.
Retro clothes aren't always elegant, you can always pop something grungy in.
The picture above is a photograph of beautiful Sonya Esman wearing an absolutely amazing dark retro jacket which is was designed to look colorful thanks to all the pictures around it.
This particular jacket can be styled with a number of items; from boyfriend jeans to cute pencil skirts.

           Speaking of accessories which would go with this style, I think choker necklaces are perfect as they can make an outfit look somewhat edgy yet feminine so definitely try one on. Also, choker necklaces came back into the fashion industry not that long ago thus if you want to look trendy purchase one of those.
     However there are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to wear this type of necklace.
Firstly, analyse your outfit, think about all the details and then decide whether it's classy or grungy or chique.
If you've decided to go for a more classy outfit, I say you should consider wearing something different when it comes to accessories as I highly doubt the fact that a choker necklace will go with something like that.
     Nevertheless, do not forget to use your imagination and I am sure you will find the perfect look for yourself.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


  Hello lovelies, how have you been?
 Today I want to talk to you guys about make-up, those of you who are just starting to use make-up might find this interesting so let's begin.
  I will be honest with you guys, when I decided to start using make-up I didn't even know where to begin and what to begin with which is the problem the majority of the girls face. In my opinion if you are under the age of 13 don't even use any make-up accept from lip gloss and mascara( for special occasions) because you don't want to look like an old lady at the age of 20. From personal experience I know a number of girls find BB cream and foundation as well as concealer fascinating. I think the reason behind this is that when we begin to get spots we want to hide them using such things however we normally don't consider the fact that these heavy pieces of the make-up collecting actually damage our naturally beautiful faces so if you are under the age of 16 try to stay away from those things. If you do feel like you need to hide something on your face purchase and use powder however limit the number of days when you use it to a minimum as it also has the ability to damage your skin.

  Speaking of make-up, if you have reached the right age and you feel like you should definitely begin using make-up you need to purchase some beauty items, but what should you actually purchase and of which brand???
  When I fist began buying make-up I had no idea which items to purchase and of which brands. Asking my friends didn't actually help me much because all of them recommended different things which confused my brain to bits. I will try to advise you guys in terms of brands and actual items you should purchase in order to make life easier for you.
  As mentioned prior I do not advise you guys to purchase foundation or BB cream because the coverage might be to heavy for you however I think the best BB cream I have tried out was by Revlon
 so you can have a look on their website and find the right one for yourself. It might be on the pricey side however its definitely worth investing in.

 If you don't want to use any heavy coverage on your face, you can try facial powder. I really liked using powder by sleek which is quite cheap but it does feel very light on your face. If you want to go for something which is a bit more expensive you can try a powder by Clinique which also feels very light on your face. If you are a beginner I suggest you buying facial powder from sleek as it is less expensive yet it feels incredible.

 One other thing which you should definitely have is a mascara as it can help you define your eyes, drawing attention to them. I really liked mascaras by Maybeline as well as L'oreal, so you can check these out and decide if they are any good for you.

 Also try to purchase eye shadow at some point or a pallet. If you are buying a single eye shadow then purchase it in a really neutral colour which goes well with the colour of your skin, I for example like the colours Champagne and Creme. In case you decide to purchase a pallet, ensure it includes a colours which are neutral but are both light and dark as you don't want to have a pallet full of similar colours.

   Additionally, try purchasing a few brushes as they will make your life easier when you are applying make-up on.
  Last but not least is the lip gloss or lipstick. This is the case where you guys have to decide which one works better for you or you can just purchase both and who knows maybe you will truly enjoy combining the two together ( I used to do that prior).

 This is it for today and I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful.
If you do have any suggestions what the next post should be about then let me know in the comments section.
Stay beautiful and I will see you next time.

Saturday, 24 May 2014


Hello there,
If you guys have not noticed yet, May is coming to an end which means that SUMMER is going to start right after that making all of us so excited. Since most of us are excited I decided to talk to you guys about what you can buy for this amazing period in time.
 1. T-Shirts
It's essential to have at least five T-shirts in your wardrobe as it might be very hot and all of us get sweaty thus there is a need to wear a new T-shirt every single day so bear that in mind. You don't necessarily need to buy five T-shirts of the same type/style; my tip is pick five absolutely different T-shirts of a different design and colour. You should purchase something which is you find unique and not what other people think you should wear.
Note: Try to purchase one T-shirt of a basic colour so you can mix and match it with anything and everything.

2. Trousers and shorts:
It might sound a little bit strange but yes you should definitely buy a few pairs of trousers. These trousers don't need to be made from a warm material as they won't be any good for summer. Instead, you guys can buy a pair of chinos and maybe a pair of trousers which are made from silk with a floral print on them. I suggest you don't buy really bright silky trousers as you want to wear them a number of things however it's completely up to you guys.
 Summer is the time to wear shorts so get yourself a pair of those.

3. Shoes
This is my favourite part really because during the summer there is such a great choice of shoes in a number of shops. Also there is a number of different types of shoes; sandals, sneakers,traines, moccasins and so on. This list can be of an enormous size however if you are really interested in the diversity of the shoes for summer you can do a little research yourselves. I think there is a need to have a pair of sneakers as they always come in handy yet you can also purchase moccasins as they are an alternative to sneakers. Also, you never know whether this summer will be very hot or just moderately hot, thus I suggest buying a pair of sandals in a nude colour as they go with anything.

4. Cardigans
Sometimes, especially in the evenings it can be quite chilly so don't let yourself freeze to death and purchase a light cardigan. It should be something very light which won't make you boil yet it will protect you from the cold.

Lastly, don't forget to wear dresses as they make each one of use look very feminine. However, if you are not such a huge fan of dresses/skirts stick to rompers and jumpsuits.

Friday, 28 March 2014

A cute and easy hairstyle....

Hello guys,
as you've probably recognised from the title, this post is going to be to do with hair.
Recently I found a really easy and cute hairstyle which is perfect for any occasion  so I thought it'd be nice to share it with you.

I hope you guys liked this hairstyle, and if you want to you can leave me a comment below telling me what you thought of this hairstyle.

Friday, 7 March 2014

How to stay happy no matter what..?

Hey everyone,
As mentioned before, this blog isn't only about fashion and beauty, there is also a lifestyle section to it.
As spring has arrived I thought that it would be appropriate to write this post.

I think most of the people are curious about how to stay happy no matter how badly upset you are. Well there is a way to be able to achieve this and I am going to share it with you people. So, let's begin.

First of all, if you're unhappy try to think of something positive/ something which brings a smile to your beautiful face- it can be an event, an object, a person or something else of your own choice. I, for example think of cats and all the people who love me.

For most of the people, music makes their day, thus try to listen to songs which make you feel happy and can change your mood from bad to good. Also, if any of you guys are unhappy don't listen to depressing music because it will make you feel depressed, and that is something you have to avoid.

 If you guys have a hobby or there is something you enjoy you should try and do it at least once a week as when you do something which makes you happy and interests you , your mood can change for the better.
If something very-very bad happened and you are on the edge of crying hold the tears back and don't let the sadness take over you. Just take a couple of deep breaths and think of something which makes you happy as I've mentioned prior and the thought about crying will fade away.

 Hopefully this helped some of you and I hope you guys are all good and happy.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Chique and grungy? Sonya Esman

Hey guys, 
I was looking at which is a blog written by a Russian Youtuber who lives in Canada , Sonya Esman. I saw a number of inspiring ideas thus I decided to share them with you.
This is one of the outfits worn by Esman when she visited London. 
This look is particularly interesting as she combined the blue coat which looks very chique with a T-shirt which looks very grungy. Her sunglasses perfectly match the coat she is wearing as they come in a similar colour. Every other item of cloth she is wearing matches the T-shirts and makes the outfit look grungy/rocky.
This outfit is actually very simple as Sonya only used two basic colours to create it; black and white.
Despite the fact this outfit only involves two basic colours, I think it looks really nice because of the contrast she created using those two colours. 
This outfit looks really chique , yet the shirt she is wearing makes it look very casual. 
I think all the colours work really well together as all of them are pale but the hat and the trousers(which can't be seen in this photo) highlight the whole look as the two darker items are placed right opposite each other-one at the top and the other one at the bottom.

Friday, 21 February 2014


Today I was looking at the LOOKBOOK website ( if you don't know its a website where famous fashion bloggers and vloggers post their outfits) and my mind was absolutely blown up because of the items and outfits the vloggers and bloggers were wearing . I thought it'd be quite nice and inspirational to share these outfits from LOOKBOOK with you guys , so hopefully you will like them as well.

This was the first outfit which \I found on LOOKBOOK and absolutely adored. This outfit is very casual and also it includes military boots which I am absolutely in love with.

This is more of a girly outfit as it includes a dress. Its very dark but the light backpack is a great contrast to the whole outfit as its very light. Additionally I totally love the sunglasses the model is wearing as they perfectly match the outfit.
This outfit is also very chique and girly because of the light jumper and the hat. The hats of this shape are very popular at the moment and they go well with pretty much everything . Also I am in love with the boots worn by this model as they make the outfit look chique because of the heels but add something from the theme of military to the outfit.

I hope you guys like these outfit ideas and they will inspire you to create something unique you can wear. You can also  leave a comment below to share your thoughts and opinions about these outfits.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

It's almost the end of February....

Hey guys,
I recently noticed that it's almost  the end of February-the end of the winter . The time definitely flies fast and as you might have realised spring is coming up. Personally, I am very excited about spring because you can wear nice, pale , pastel colours which perfectly match the weather and make you feel very happy for absolutely no reason.
Since spring is coming I thought I'd be nice to give you guys some ideas about the outfits you can create and the colours which match the season , so let's begin.

This outfit would be perfect for late winter/ early spring as everything is in the colours of blue and white. These particular colours go well together as they are very light and bright at once , and also they reflect the weather at this time perfectly.
Additionally, at this point in time the weather can be quite unpleasant, thus something like this will also keep you warm if you were to get soaked in the rain , yet you will look chick because of the handbag as well as the accessories.

I think that this look is absolutely perfect for spring as it doesn't include that many layers and includes bright colours as well as dull colours. 
The grey jumper, the jeans and the messenger bag are doing an amazing job at reflecting the weather which we observe in early spring. The cherry red beanie and trainers add a little bit of colour to the outfit making it look much more eye catchy. 

This outfits comes in much softer , pastel colours in comparison to the other two. I think the outfit is perfect for this time of the year ( spring ) as the colours reflect the slightly warm weather and the boots highlight the fact that the weather isn't as warm yet.
Additionally, this outfit is in the style of casual-smart as the model is wearing a shirt thus its would be nice to wear for numerous occasions. 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Knitwear ♥_♥

Hey guys,
Today's post is going to be about knit-wear.
As many of you know, knitwear returned to the fashion industry last year and stayed there ever since. Knitwear is something essential to have in your wardrobe as you can match and wear it with literally anything and everything no matter what the weather conditions are like.
Recently, I have found a couple of designs of knitwear as well as outfits involving knitwear which I would like to share with you guys, so let's go.

 The picture above shows us a knitted cardigan . Personally, I think this cardigan would go very nicely with skinny jeans on a cold day making you feel cosy and warm. This particular cardigan doesn't highlight the figure of the model, as can be seen above, thus it would match any body shape.
This is an example of a knitted jumper. This knitted jumper is in the colour cream which goes with the majority of the colours, so if you do not own a knitted jumper at the moment and you would like to purchase one , buy the one which is in a basic colour so you can match it with most of the clothes. When buying a knitted jumper I would say don't buy a jumper is a very dark colour but do not buy a very light one either as if you have a pale skin colour it will making it look even paler. My suggestion  of a colour for a knitted jumper would be either cream or peach as well as other pastel colours as these colours would match anything , no matter what colour the clothes in your wardrobe are.

Floral...?.Not Floral...? More ideas ....

Hey there,
This post is about outfit ideas some of which include floral designs while others are just casual outfits. I hope these designs will inspire you guys to create something cool and unique which will also show your mood or personality, so let's begin.
This outfit is very interesting as blue and brown colours were matched together in order to create this casual piece. So lets have a look behind the scenes of this following piece or shall we say outfit. 
Well, well, as can be seen on the photograph the T-shirt has floral designs on it. Personally , I really like it and would wear such thing on a warm, sunny day as it would match the weather. 
Despite the fact that this outfit includes a shirts with a floral design it was finished with knee high boots. What a contrast! However the inclusion of boots makes this outfit perfect for spring. The colour of the boots matches the colour of a leather , messenger bag . Additionally , this outfit includes a cardigan which is of a much brighter brown colour however it perfectly matches the outfit as its makes it looks very casual and absolutely perfect for spring. 
As you can see on the picture this garb includes jeans however if you prefer to wear skinny trousers , its absolutely fine. If you decide to wear to wear trousers and not jeans then make sure they are in the colour of dark blue.
In order to finish off this look you can wear a couple of bracelets and studs.

This is the second idea of an outfit.
As can be seen this outfit is much more grungy however it will suit anyone just arrange everything correctly and buy correct clothes and grunge is your style.
This outfit is not completely in the style of grunge however some elements of it are present here as well. Let's see what is going on here.
First of all , the jeans. The jeans are from the style of grunge as they are ripped up on the knee . This type of jeans is still very popular in the world of fashion so if you decide to wear it , definitely do but ensure you have something which is in complete contrast to that piece , unless you want to go for a completely grunge look ( well that's a separate topic which I am going to talk about in a different post).
Speaking of complete contrast, the jumper is the piece of clothing which was used to make the outfit look softer and less punky . The jumper can be of any colour of your choice as anything matches the jeans. My recommendation would be one of the shades of blue as it would fit in perfectly.
The next step is flats. In the picture above the flats with a leopard print were used however if you do not like leopard prints or whatsoever you can wear any flats of your choice ,and to be honest you can even wear sneakers/trainers such as VANS and Converse. 
To finish off your casual, grungy look wear a necklace which is made out of metal or a material which looks like metal , as it would match the style of the jeans. Lastly, pop on your sunglasses if you need to and you are good to go.

Friday, 31 January 2014

A little bit of colour .....

Hey everyone,
I had a couple of outfit ideas which involve a splash of colour so I decided to share them with you.
This is a photo of the outfit I have found the other day, and personally I think that it's perfect for any occasion and weather . As can be seen , the outfit is very simple however it will definitely add colour to your life.
This outfit was created using jeans, a light turquoise T-shirt( this can be replaced with a long sleeve shirt if you prefer to wear something long sleeved or a shirt of a very light colour. This particular item can also be replaced with a denim shirt as it will match the jeans and go well with this particular outfit.), a cream cardigan  with bright , wide green stripes, a small shoulder purse in the colour white , a pair of VANS trainers which are in cream colour  as well as a couple of bracelets most of which are brown  in order to highlight your wrist.
This look was created using very natural colours such as blue, white, cream ,light turquoise as well as brown and light green. Despite the fact that all of these colours might not seem very appealing  the look itself is very interesting  as the T-shirt , the jeans and  the cardigan are designed in a way so that they seem eye catchy. The use of white colours will also make those three elements to stand out.

      This is more of a chick look which might not suit every occasion however I though it looks very nice therefore it might give some of you inspiration .
This look involves a hat which is in a shade which is a mix of pink and purple , a deep red skirt, a jacket with a pattern on it , ankle military as well as gloves both in the colour black, as well as a pack with a chess board pattern and of course tights .
The colours involved in this look go very well together as the red brings colour to the look however the colours such as white and black make sure that the outfit looks more chick than extreme.

 Hopefully this gave you guys a little bit of inspiration on how to create calm and chick outfits involving colours which you probably have not tried out as yet.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How to look pretty and smart at the same time?

A lot of teenage girls at the moment are puzzled about how they could look pretty and smart at the same time.
This is very important since no one wants to look like a nerd but neither any of you want to look like a barbie doll.
There are various ways to create and maintain that kind of look.
To begin with make sure that you are prepared for school and your uniform looks neat ( if you do have uniform), however if you don't then don't wear anything too short and too bright. Play around with colours and see what suits you, making sure its not too extreme.
In addition , try to make your make up look very natural, don't wear too much foundation and concealer as it won't do any good . Also if you decide to wear foundation make sure it matches your skin colour, mismatched foundation makes your skin  look strange and unattractive. Speaking of make-up, try to avoid false eye lashes when you're going to school because it will make  your eyelashes look very long and way too appealing which will actually spoil the look. However if you want to make your eyelashes look slightly longer and make them stand out then apply a little bit of mascara which will enhance them , but remember not to apply too much.
Now speaking of hair, do not make your hairstyle look too extreme , just do have a cute and neat hairstyle as it looks very attractive.
Finally, don't be afraid to be yourself and add something unique to your look as this is something which expresses your personality, therefore just be your own person but don't be too extreme.

Welcome to my blog

Hey guys and welcome to The Creative Girl blog,
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In this blog you'll be able to find a number of things such as photography , different tips, fashion, advice on make up, various tutorials and a lot more.