Friday, 21 February 2014


Today I was looking at the LOOKBOOK website ( if you don't know its a website where famous fashion bloggers and vloggers post their outfits) and my mind was absolutely blown up because of the items and outfits the vloggers and bloggers were wearing . I thought it'd be quite nice and inspirational to share these outfits from LOOKBOOK with you guys , so hopefully you will like them as well.

This was the first outfit which \I found on LOOKBOOK and absolutely adored. This outfit is very casual and also it includes military boots which I am absolutely in love with.

This is more of a girly outfit as it includes a dress. Its very dark but the light backpack is a great contrast to the whole outfit as its very light. Additionally I totally love the sunglasses the model is wearing as they perfectly match the outfit.
This outfit is also very chique and girly because of the light jumper and the hat. The hats of this shape are very popular at the moment and they go well with pretty much everything . Also I am in love with the boots worn by this model as they make the outfit look chique because of the heels but add something from the theme of military to the outfit.

I hope you guys like these outfit ideas and they will inspire you to create something unique you can wear. You can also  leave a comment below to share your thoughts and opinions about these outfits.