Thursday, 20 February 2014

It's almost the end of February....

Hey guys,
I recently noticed that it's almost  the end of February-the end of the winter . The time definitely flies fast and as you might have realised spring is coming up. Personally, I am very excited about spring because you can wear nice, pale , pastel colours which perfectly match the weather and make you feel very happy for absolutely no reason.
Since spring is coming I thought I'd be nice to give you guys some ideas about the outfits you can create and the colours which match the season , so let's begin.

This outfit would be perfect for late winter/ early spring as everything is in the colours of blue and white. These particular colours go well together as they are very light and bright at once , and also they reflect the weather at this time perfectly.
Additionally, at this point in time the weather can be quite unpleasant, thus something like this will also keep you warm if you were to get soaked in the rain , yet you will look chick because of the handbag as well as the accessories.

I think that this look is absolutely perfect for spring as it doesn't include that many layers and includes bright colours as well as dull colours. 
The grey jumper, the jeans and the messenger bag are doing an amazing job at reflecting the weather which we observe in early spring. The cherry red beanie and trainers add a little bit of colour to the outfit making it look much more eye catchy. 

This outfits comes in much softer , pastel colours in comparison to the other two. I think the outfit is perfect for this time of the year ( spring ) as the colours reflect the slightly warm weather and the boots highlight the fact that the weather isn't as warm yet.
Additionally, this outfit is in the style of casual-smart as the model is wearing a shirt thus its would be nice to wear for numerous occasions. 

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