Monday, 10 February 2014

Knitwear ♥_♥

Hey guys,
Today's post is going to be about knit-wear.
As many of you know, knitwear returned to the fashion industry last year and stayed there ever since. Knitwear is something essential to have in your wardrobe as you can match and wear it with literally anything and everything no matter what the weather conditions are like.
Recently, I have found a couple of designs of knitwear as well as outfits involving knitwear which I would like to share with you guys, so let's go.

 The picture above shows us a knitted cardigan . Personally, I think this cardigan would go very nicely with skinny jeans on a cold day making you feel cosy and warm. This particular cardigan doesn't highlight the figure of the model, as can be seen above, thus it would match any body shape.
This is an example of a knitted jumper. This knitted jumper is in the colour cream which goes with the majority of the colours, so if you do not own a knitted jumper at the moment and you would like to purchase one , buy the one which is in a basic colour so you can match it with most of the clothes. When buying a knitted jumper I would say don't buy a jumper is a very dark colour but do not buy a very light one either as if you have a pale skin colour it will making it look even paler. My suggestion  of a colour for a knitted jumper would be either cream or peach as well as other pastel colours as these colours would match anything , no matter what colour the clothes in your wardrobe are.