Friday, 28 February 2014

Chique and grungy? Sonya Esman

Hey guys, 
I was looking at which is a blog written by a Russian Youtuber who lives in Canada , Sonya Esman. I saw a number of inspiring ideas thus I decided to share them with you.
This is one of the outfits worn by Esman when she visited London. 
This look is particularly interesting as she combined the blue coat which looks very chique with a T-shirt which looks very grungy. Her sunglasses perfectly match the coat she is wearing as they come in a similar colour. Every other item of cloth she is wearing matches the T-shirts and makes the outfit look grungy/rocky.
This outfit is actually very simple as Sonya only used two basic colours to create it; black and white.
Despite the fact this outfit only involves two basic colours, I think it looks really nice because of the contrast she created using those two colours. 
This outfit looks really chique , yet the shirt she is wearing makes it look very casual. 
I think all the colours work really well together as all of them are pale but the hat and the trousers(which can't be seen in this photo) highlight the whole look as the two darker items are placed right opposite each other-one at the top and the other one at the bottom.

Friday, 21 February 2014


Today I was looking at the LOOKBOOK website ( if you don't know its a website where famous fashion bloggers and vloggers post their outfits) and my mind was absolutely blown up because of the items and outfits the vloggers and bloggers were wearing . I thought it'd be quite nice and inspirational to share these outfits from LOOKBOOK with you guys , so hopefully you will like them as well.

This was the first outfit which \I found on LOOKBOOK and absolutely adored. This outfit is very casual and also it includes military boots which I am absolutely in love with.

This is more of a girly outfit as it includes a dress. Its very dark but the light backpack is a great contrast to the whole outfit as its very light. Additionally I totally love the sunglasses the model is wearing as they perfectly match the outfit.
This outfit is also very chique and girly because of the light jumper and the hat. The hats of this shape are very popular at the moment and they go well with pretty much everything . Also I am in love with the boots worn by this model as they make the outfit look chique because of the heels but add something from the theme of military to the outfit.

I hope you guys like these outfit ideas and they will inspire you to create something unique you can wear. You can also  leave a comment below to share your thoughts and opinions about these outfits.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

It's almost the end of February....

Hey guys,
I recently noticed that it's almost  the end of February-the end of the winter . The time definitely flies fast and as you might have realised spring is coming up. Personally, I am very excited about spring because you can wear nice, pale , pastel colours which perfectly match the weather and make you feel very happy for absolutely no reason.
Since spring is coming I thought I'd be nice to give you guys some ideas about the outfits you can create and the colours which match the season , so let's begin.

This outfit would be perfect for late winter/ early spring as everything is in the colours of blue and white. These particular colours go well together as they are very light and bright at once , and also they reflect the weather at this time perfectly.
Additionally, at this point in time the weather can be quite unpleasant, thus something like this will also keep you warm if you were to get soaked in the rain , yet you will look chick because of the handbag as well as the accessories.

I think that this look is absolutely perfect for spring as it doesn't include that many layers and includes bright colours as well as dull colours. 
The grey jumper, the jeans and the messenger bag are doing an amazing job at reflecting the weather which we observe in early spring. The cherry red beanie and trainers add a little bit of colour to the outfit making it look much more eye catchy. 

This outfits comes in much softer , pastel colours in comparison to the other two. I think the outfit is perfect for this time of the year ( spring ) as the colours reflect the slightly warm weather and the boots highlight the fact that the weather isn't as warm yet.
Additionally, this outfit is in the style of casual-smart as the model is wearing a shirt thus its would be nice to wear for numerous occasions. 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Knitwear ♥_♥

Hey guys,
Today's post is going to be about knit-wear.
As many of you know, knitwear returned to the fashion industry last year and stayed there ever since. Knitwear is something essential to have in your wardrobe as you can match and wear it with literally anything and everything no matter what the weather conditions are like.
Recently, I have found a couple of designs of knitwear as well as outfits involving knitwear which I would like to share with you guys, so let's go.

 The picture above shows us a knitted cardigan . Personally, I think this cardigan would go very nicely with skinny jeans on a cold day making you feel cosy and warm. This particular cardigan doesn't highlight the figure of the model, as can be seen above, thus it would match any body shape.
This is an example of a knitted jumper. This knitted jumper is in the colour cream which goes with the majority of the colours, so if you do not own a knitted jumper at the moment and you would like to purchase one , buy the one which is in a basic colour so you can match it with most of the clothes. When buying a knitted jumper I would say don't buy a jumper is a very dark colour but do not buy a very light one either as if you have a pale skin colour it will making it look even paler. My suggestion  of a colour for a knitted jumper would be either cream or peach as well as other pastel colours as these colours would match anything , no matter what colour the clothes in your wardrobe are.

Floral...?.Not Floral...? More ideas ....

Hey there,
This post is about outfit ideas some of which include floral designs while others are just casual outfits. I hope these designs will inspire you guys to create something cool and unique which will also show your mood or personality, so let's begin.
This outfit is very interesting as blue and brown colours were matched together in order to create this casual piece. So lets have a look behind the scenes of this following piece or shall we say outfit. 
Well, well, as can be seen on the photograph the T-shirt has floral designs on it. Personally , I really like it and would wear such thing on a warm, sunny day as it would match the weather. 
Despite the fact that this outfit includes a shirts with a floral design it was finished with knee high boots. What a contrast! However the inclusion of boots makes this outfit perfect for spring. The colour of the boots matches the colour of a leather , messenger bag . Additionally , this outfit includes a cardigan which is of a much brighter brown colour however it perfectly matches the outfit as its makes it looks very casual and absolutely perfect for spring. 
As you can see on the picture this garb includes jeans however if you prefer to wear skinny trousers , its absolutely fine. If you decide to wear to wear trousers and not jeans then make sure they are in the colour of dark blue.
In order to finish off this look you can wear a couple of bracelets and studs.

This is the second idea of an outfit.
As can be seen this outfit is much more grungy however it will suit anyone just arrange everything correctly and buy correct clothes and grunge is your style.
This outfit is not completely in the style of grunge however some elements of it are present here as well. Let's see what is going on here.
First of all , the jeans. The jeans are from the style of grunge as they are ripped up on the knee . This type of jeans is still very popular in the world of fashion so if you decide to wear it , definitely do but ensure you have something which is in complete contrast to that piece , unless you want to go for a completely grunge look ( well that's a separate topic which I am going to talk about in a different post).
Speaking of complete contrast, the jumper is the piece of clothing which was used to make the outfit look softer and less punky . The jumper can be of any colour of your choice as anything matches the jeans. My recommendation would be one of the shades of blue as it would fit in perfectly.
The next step is flats. In the picture above the flats with a leopard print were used however if you do not like leopard prints or whatsoever you can wear any flats of your choice ,and to be honest you can even wear sneakers/trainers such as VANS and Converse. 
To finish off your casual, grungy look wear a necklace which is made out of metal or a material which looks like metal , as it would match the style of the jeans. Lastly, pop on your sunglasses if you need to and you are good to go.