Saturday, 24 May 2014


Hello there,
If you guys have not noticed yet, May is coming to an end which means that SUMMER is going to start right after that making all of us so excited. Since most of us are excited I decided to talk to you guys about what you can buy for this amazing period in time.
 1. T-Shirts
It's essential to have at least five T-shirts in your wardrobe as it might be very hot and all of us get sweaty thus there is a need to wear a new T-shirt every single day so bear that in mind. You don't necessarily need to buy five T-shirts of the same type/style; my tip is pick five absolutely different T-shirts of a different design and colour. You should purchase something which is you find unique and not what other people think you should wear.
Note: Try to purchase one T-shirt of a basic colour so you can mix and match it with anything and everything.

2. Trousers and shorts:
It might sound a little bit strange but yes you should definitely buy a few pairs of trousers. These trousers don't need to be made from a warm material as they won't be any good for summer. Instead, you guys can buy a pair of chinos and maybe a pair of trousers which are made from silk with a floral print on them. I suggest you don't buy really bright silky trousers as you want to wear them a number of things however it's completely up to you guys.
 Summer is the time to wear shorts so get yourself a pair of those.

3. Shoes
This is my favourite part really because during the summer there is such a great choice of shoes in a number of shops. Also there is a number of different types of shoes; sandals, sneakers,traines, moccasins and so on. This list can be of an enormous size however if you are really interested in the diversity of the shoes for summer you can do a little research yourselves. I think there is a need to have a pair of sneakers as they always come in handy yet you can also purchase moccasins as they are an alternative to sneakers. Also, you never know whether this summer will be very hot or just moderately hot, thus I suggest buying a pair of sandals in a nude colour as they go with anything.

4. Cardigans
Sometimes, especially in the evenings it can be quite chilly so don't let yourself freeze to death and purchase a light cardigan. It should be something very light which won't make you boil yet it will protect you from the cold.

Lastly, don't forget to wear dresses as they make each one of use look very feminine. However, if you are not such a huge fan of dresses/skirts stick to rompers and jumpsuits.

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