Friday, 7 March 2014

How to stay happy no matter what..?

Hey everyone,
As mentioned before, this blog isn't only about fashion and beauty, there is also a lifestyle section to it.
As spring has arrived I thought that it would be appropriate to write this post.

I think most of the people are curious about how to stay happy no matter how badly upset you are. Well there is a way to be able to achieve this and I am going to share it with you people. So, let's begin.

First of all, if you're unhappy try to think of something positive/ something which brings a smile to your beautiful face- it can be an event, an object, a person or something else of your own choice. I, for example think of cats and all the people who love me.

For most of the people, music makes their day, thus try to listen to songs which make you feel happy and can change your mood from bad to good. Also, if any of you guys are unhappy don't listen to depressing music because it will make you feel depressed, and that is something you have to avoid.

 If you guys have a hobby or there is something you enjoy you should try and do it at least once a week as when you do something which makes you happy and interests you , your mood can change for the better.
If something very-very bad happened and you are on the edge of crying hold the tears back and don't let the sadness take over you. Just take a couple of deep breaths and think of something which makes you happy as I've mentioned prior and the thought about crying will fade away.

 Hopefully this helped some of you and I hope you guys are all good and happy.

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