Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ideas impacting minds and lives.

    It is indeed incredible how a poem, an individual or even an event can alter one's thinking process, the way an individual views the world and other human beings. It's quite surprising that a poem or a piece of writing can have a tremendous impact on the way in which an individual thinks and can in fact alter one's beliefs and behavior.
   Contemporary writers and artists hide very interesting and thought-provoking messages within their pieces of work which we often find quite difficult to pick up as we choose not to dig deeper to discover the true meaning of a piece which could in fact change lives. As we then decide to take another glance at a creative piece, simply out of interest ( maybe a quote or a color has been remembered by one's brain), we unpick the seriousness and the irony which we didn't manage to see previously. Messages of these highly peculiar and spectacular master- pieces way; one can convey a message of trying to live a color-bursting and interesting life, whereas another piece can enable us to analyse what our world is actually like forcing many individuals to take their pink glasses off and face the reality regardless of how bad it is in the eyes of some people.
    One of the poets who have made me look back at my life and my actions is Simon Armitage - an individual who touches on the ironic reality of our incredible and fast developing world. His work is intellectually arranged and the main message isn't very obvious within most of his poems but the deeper meaning reveals the truth about how we view and treat some people and how one can easily turn into a disturbed individual due to all the pressure exerted on them.

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