Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tate Modern

  Tate Modern will captivate you and make you think in a way you have never thought before.
  The Gallery itself is incredibly peculiar as it reminds you of a power station , yet it holds some of the most incredible creations from the sector of modern art. The variety and oddness fascinates you to a point you want to stand in one place and wonder what the artist wanted to portray , however there are times when all you want to do is enjoy the "color burst" and the emotion thriving from a particular painting.

This is the painting about which I initially wondered and actually managed to picture a bee's facial features but alter a while I decided it'd be better to admire the colours used by the artist to splash out their emotions on the canvas.

This painting is particularly strange as it emphasises on the dark colours but it's quite interesting once you pause and pay attention to what is being shown.

This piece of art is incredibly strange as you're exposed to something unknown and quite cartoon like ( that is what I managed to see), although when you pay attention to it for a little longer it becomes very clear this piece of art could have a double meaning, like the other pieces.

                        Russian Revolutionary Posters

When I entered this part of the gallery I was amused because I have always wanted to see what the propaganda posters looked like when the USSR existed. It was in fact quite incredible to see how these posters were adjusted to present different view during different time periods - World War 2 and the Russian Revolution, for example.

                     A splash of color/ Personal favorites:

When I found these two pieces of art in the gallery I said to myself " If I was an adult I would purchase replicas of them and have them at home" purely because for no particular reason this artwork caught my attention. 

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